Home Theater Rooms Design Ideas

Home theater rooms can transport you from the comfort of your living room recliner to a place far, far away as sight and sound immerse the senses. Knowing which home theater components to buy can result in a high quality cinematic experience at home.

When you design and construct a home theater system, there are three main components you will need to know about. These include a DVD or Blu-ray player, high-quality surround sound speakers and a television with as large a screen as possible.

Many home theaters have large television screens, and wide-screen models are the most preferred for home theatre experiences. This is because most DVDs are in wide screen format. Wide-screen televisions provide a better view for movies because the aspect ratio better matches a cinema screen compared to traditional TV, as an added bonus most of these TVs also support HD. You can opt for a flat-panel LCD or plasma TV, a rear-projection model, or a front-projection TV that uses a separate screen. Setting up a home theater TV is definitely a central aspect of a desirable home theater experience, so do take some time to decide and select what you would like to have.

A DVD or Blu-ray player is another key element for home theater rooms. When buying a DVD player or purchasing a Blu-ray player, you should find one which can handle different formats, including high definition. Most will play music CDs, MP3s and movies recorded using CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs. If you have many movies or CDs try to find a multi disc player so you can switch between items with out leaving the couch. To insure the clearest picture if purchasing a DVD player, you should look for a DVD player with progressive scan. Another consideration may be a DVD recorder, which you can use to record television shows and movies onto a blank disc to enjoy later. These also have large hard drives for downloading and storing your favorite shows.

Audio for the home theater system need not be any more complicated than a four piece starter set with three small speakers covering left, right, and center, and a subwoofer for the bass. Be sure to check out the reviews in audiovisual magazines for the best rated speakers. If possible, check out the audio quality of the speakers before you purchase them; that way, you can decide if the sound quality is what you had in mind. Spend some time to visit several different stores before making your final choice. In addition, a home theater with an iPod dock can help to seamlessly integrate with your existing iPod audio system, while a home theater with surround sound can add depth to the sound quality that is output from the speakers.

Designing home theatre rooms or home entertainment rooms, if pieced together correctly and elegantly, offers a great escape for the whole family. The goal is to put together the best system possible so that you can truly enjoy the total experience of your own home theater. Taking the time to research what equipment is the best and fits your needs, is critical and well worth the effort. Spending this time on planning your home theater up front will save you money in the long run as well as ensure you get a perfect room that you can enjoy for years to come.