3D TVs - 3-Dimensional LCD Television Sets for Home Theater Rooms

3D TVs, or 3-dimensional LCD television sets, in home theaters can be a large source of pleasure because it can allow a viewer to be almost completely immersed in the surroundings that are depicted in the TV scene. It is almost as if one has been transported to the location where the action or scene is occuring. It works especially well if the cinematography and the 3d TV hardware for viewing the cinematography have been prepared well. This seamless integration with virtual reality in a three-dimensional setting is a thrilling experience.

It seems that the larger the television set, or at least large enough to mimic reality, helps to produce a higher-quality 3D reality when viewing the shows on your 3D TV. Therefore, when viewing demo 3D TVs in showrooms, viewing a variety of sizes of 3D HDTVs from different angles can help you determine if the 3D effect is what you desire. The lighting for the TV can also make a difference to how much the images seem to pop up or pop out of the three-dimensional television screen.

The 3D glasses used to view the 3D television set in your family home theater room is also an important consideration. How comfortable they are, how durable they appear to be, and how well they integrate with the pictures on the 3D TV display are key factors when deciding on the three-dimensional TV set itself. It's also important to check if there are extra costs associated with the 3D glasses, as they may not come with the 3D TV set.

There may also be settings to turn off the 3D setting on a 3D TV such that you can watch it it in the regular 2 dimensions. It may be important if the 3-dimensional setting seems too realistic and you may not want such realism if watching a TV show that has too many visual effects. Also, some members of your family may not wish to use the three-dimensional setting when they watch the 3D TV.

In brief, the cinematography, the size of the 3D TV, the three-dimensional glasses, and the particular settings in the TV are important parameters to consider when shopping around for a 3D TV. How well it integrates with your existing home theater room apparatus is also important. It is probably difficult to replicate exactly the feeling of being at a scene or setting, but a 3D TV is an extremely close approximation of actually being in the same room or location as where the scene was actually shot or what took place at that location.