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3D TVs - 3-Dimensional LCD Television Sets for Home Theater Rooms
Provides information on 3D TVs, or 3-dimensional LCD television sets, to complement home theater rooms.

Blu-ray Players, Recorders in Family Home Theater Rooms Design
Describes the addition of the Blu-ray player or recorder to your home theater rooms and systems.

Budget Home Theater Systems
No money? No problem! Here are some ways you can get a great home theater on a budget.

Home Entertainment Rooms Design - Designing Entertainment Rooms
Home entertainment rooms design ideas, inspiration, and advice for your family.

Xm Radio And Your Home Theater
How to hook your home theater up with satellite radio.

Wireless Home Theater Systems | Convenient Theater Rooms Design
Wires are messy, but you can save time and energy with a wireless system. Check out the options here.

Home Theater TV Setup
Which TV Should you buy for your home theater?

XM Satellite Radio
See how nicely XM Satellite radio plays on your home theater system.

Installing Surround Sound for Home Theaters
If you are setting up a home theater, you really need surround sound. But is it easy to install?

Ideal Components For Home Theater
What are the components you need to have in your home theater?

Home Theater With iPod Dock
Love your home theater? Love your iPod? Why not combine the two together?

Digital Video Recorder With DVD Player
Learn about this important component of your home theater.

Designing A Home Theatre Room
Here are some tips on designing the perfect home theater.

Where To Get Great Home Theater Decor
Get some design tips for a great home theater and find out where to buy the decor you need.

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