Designing A Home Theatre Room

With each passing generation, the layout and setup of our homes change along with the changing way of family life. Where the television was once relegated to a corner of the living room, todayís modern homes have a whole room set aside for it and itís associated components. Here are some tips on designing a home theatre room.

In a perfect world, the home theatre room is a separate space used only for entertainment - either video or audio. It should be tucked away from the other rooms in the home so that the home theatre sound doesnít disturb others. It should be big enough to provide for the size TV you want plus comfortable seating for all your family and friends. Finally, it should have the ability to be closed off from exterior light and sound so as to intensify the home theatre experience with itís own 4 walls.

When designing a home theatre room, you might want to go with a room that is rectangular in shape and large in size with high ceilings. Youíll want to get the feeling of a real movie theatre but on a smaller, more intimate scale. Consider adding extra insulation or soundproofing so you can crank up the sound without disturbing the neighbors.

The great thing about a home theatre is that it doesnít need to have windows so you can actually design quite a nice room in your basement or any other room that is dimly lit. This one thing that would normally be a drawback is actually desirable in a home theatre design. However, if your room does have windows, just get some heavy, dark drapes or black out shades to cover up the light.

Of course, you will want to get your stereo, TV and surround sound equipment, but that is an article for another time. Suffice it to say that you should do your research on which electronics are best suited to your needs as well as how to set them up.

Designing a home theatre room isnít just about shape, size and electronics - you also need to think about the finishing touches because this is what will transform your ordinary room into an extraordinary home theatre. Consider buying theatre seating as well as hanging movie posters on the walls. When buying your lighting, consider sconce lighting for the walls similar to that in the theater. If you have the room, why not install a popcorn machine? Whatever you can do to make your room look like a real theatre will enhance your home theatre experience.