Digital Video Recorder With DVD Player

If you are looking for a component to get the most out of your home theater system, then consider adding a DVR digital video recorder with DVD player. A digital video recorder uses digital technology to retain the high quality audio and video from the original television broadcast and allows you to view the programs later at your convenience. Several brands are available for purchase or you can rent one from your cable company. One advantage of getting a DVR from the cable company is that the recorder is included in the cable box, avoiding the need for extra equipment, space and controllers.

Using a built in USB and Ethernet port, you can easily connect your digital video recorder to your existing home theatre system. The device itself only weighs fifteen pounds, but it can convert up to three hundred hours of television programming to digital format! It even has the ability to record two shows at once. The display at the front of the device shows what exactly is being recorded, even when your television is turned off.

A digital video recorder with DVD player is a fantastic invention that allows you to conveniently record your favorite television programs without having to use tapes or DVDs. Because it is digital, all of the definition and detail of the original broadcast is maintained. The programs are stored and can be replayed as easily as turning on your home theater system. For example, you can program the DVR to record shows, sports events or movies while you go out. The DVR can record shows that are playing at the same time so that you can watch one while the other is recording or watch them later when you have free time. The DVR can even be programmed to record an entire series of shows. A DVR is an essential part of a home theater system because it allows you the freedom to control your own schedule while still providing the shows that you love.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of VCR facility by using a digital video recorder along with your home theater system to pause and control live TV by rewinding fast forwarding or any of the other functions.

Some of the new TV sets come with digital video recorder with DVD player technology build right in. So if you are in the market for a new TV, consider buying this all in one unit to save both time and money.