Where To Get Great Home Theater Decor

While getting all the electronics and components for your family home theater is important, you don't want to underestimate the value of having great home theater decor. After all, the decor is what will give you the ambience of a movie theater and it should be chosen carefully. While you can get some great home theater stuff in furniture stores today, there are many other places that you can look for items to enhance your home theater.

Some people like a modern look in their home theater, but others prefer the appeal of vintage movie theater decor. While you might think that this stuff is impossible to find, this isn't so and you can find great vintage items if you simply know where to look.

Some of the places you might look for vintage movie theater items include antique shops, online auctions and specialty stores. You might even check the classified ads and even take a drive looking for old movie theaters that might be under renovation. Sometimes you can buy the movie seating right out of the theater!

While having a vintage movie theater look can be fun, modern home theater decor is a little bit more comfortable. Today, they actually make home theater seating that rivals any plush couch and you can usually find it at any of the big furniture stores but if you're on a budget you might try checking out a consignment store near your home where you can probably get the same thing for about half the price.

But home theaters arenít just about the seating, you want to instill a certain ambience and for that you're going to need some great accessories. Even if you go for the modern seating, you can give your home theater vintage appeal with vintage movie posters. These can be found in antiques and collectibles stores and some of them are actually very collectible and command a high price. You can find ones at bargain prices, but if you want to make a nice investment you might consider one of the more desirable posters as it will only go up in value while it is decorating the walls.

Lighting is another consideration for your home theater and while recessed lighting in the ceiling can be convenient, wall sconces that light up the sides of the walls like an old-time theater can be a bit more appealing. Again, you can find these at antique stores but there are modern reproductions that you can buy which will look just as nice but wonít cost you quite as much.

Before you go shopping for your home theater decor, you want to have an idea of what you want your theater to look like. Look through magazines and books and see if you find a look that appeals to you and then go out searching for the same items for your room. Having a certain look in mind as well as an item list will help you be able to locate the items quickly and easily and allow you to put the finishing touches on your home theater room in time for tonight's feature show!