What Are The Ideal Components For Home Theater?

The ideal components for a family home theater system are ones that, when combined in a system, will transport you to another time and place as you experience the sights and sounds on your screen as if you were actually there.

The three main components that every home theater system shares are (i) the television (the bigger and wider the screen, the better), (ii) a DVD player and (iii) a set of good quality surround-sound speakers.

A television of 27 inches or more need for your home theater system and the newer wide-screen models are much preferred for the home theater experience. Most of the DVD movies you can buy or rent are produced in a wide-screen format. A wide-screen television is closer in shape to an actual movie screen than a conventional TV plus most of these big beauties are also high resolution sets. This an assures a picture that is a lot sharper and clearer than older televisions. You can choose either a flat panel plasma or LCD TV a rear-projection TV or a front-projection TV with a separate movie screen.

Idea components for home theater include a DVD player that can handle definition DVD disc format. Look for a multi disc model that will allow you to have several movies and CDís loaded at once. If you get one with progressive scan, you will be assured of a clearer picture. Also consider a DVD player/recorder which can record the TV shows and movies for later playback.

The ideal components for home theater donít all have to be high end and your audo can come from a starter set consisting of center left and right speakers are plus a subwoofer for more robust bass sound. Check review in an audiovisual magazines for the best rated speaker. It would be a good an idea to try to listen to what comes out of your speakers before you buy them so you can best judge whether the sound will be suitable for your need. Take your time and visit several different store before you make your final selection.