Installing a Surround Sound System for Family Home Theater Rooms

If you are setting up a home theater room, then you must seriously consider installing a surround sound system in your design - otherwise you will be missing out on an important part of the home theater experience! While regular speakers will produce the sounds of the movie, the surround sound speakers will provide greater quality and give you a feeling that you are sitting right in the middle of whatever is happening on the screen.

Good surround sound speakers will include a digital media port which will give even more flexibility. This allows you to play music from your iPod, your computer or any Bluetooth device. By using the digital media port, you can take the audio on these other devices and pipe them through the surround sound thus enjoying the incredible tone and range that the speakers can produce.

When choosing surround sound speakers, you want to go with a good quality system. You need to buy at least 5 speakers in order to get good surround sound. Typically a system will have between 3 and 5 wall mountable speakers and a subwoofer. The wall speakers give you a wide sound field - so the more the merrier! To ge the best surround sound experience, you will need two front speakers, a subwoofer, a center speaker and two rear speakers.

Installing surround sound speakers can be problematic because you have to run wires across the room. Since some of the speakers are in the back, this usually means going under the seating or snaking them along the wall. You can drill holes in the floor and run them that way if you prefer, or cut out the whole messy wire business and go with wireless.

Figuring out where you want to put your center speaker is important because if you want it close to the television, you should buy one that is magnetically shielded so that it will not distort the image. Also, be sure the subwoofer has itís own power supply.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to be sure that you have a good receiver. Buy one that is as high wattage as you can afford and make sure it has at minimum a 4 channel Dolby Pro Logic decoder. Also, look for Auto Calibration and Digital Cinema Sound if you want the most realistic, crisp sound possible. One way to tell the quality receivers from the wanna-beís is that the best ones will have separate controls for movies and music and the connections for headphones, speakers and other options will be easy to get to.

Installing surround sound can be time consuming and problematic so you might want to have a professional do it. Choosing the right speakers and receiver is really the important part, so once you have that done, you have the battle mostly won.